About Us

Company Profile

Mekong Adventures was founded in 2003 and is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. As a firmly established and trusted travel company we specialise in tailor-made quality trips and tours to every corner of the Kingdom. With our long-standing experience, our commitment to quality as well as our wealth of local knowledge we want travellers to have as many authentic experiences as possible and help them discover the true Cambodia.

We work closely with a growing number of travel companies and customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries. The one thing they have in common is that they value our high standard of individualised service, reliability and innovative travel ideas as well our enthusiasm and passion for our work.

Local Know-How

At Mekong Adventures we are strongly committed to quality and reliability. With our two branches in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and our firmly established network of expert guides, staff and partners in most provinces we not only ensure a very high standard of personalised travel services but are also continually provided with the latest information and insider knowledge about every location. This competence also provides us with flexibility, an important precondition for perfect travel experiences in a country in which travel conditions can change rapidly. As Cambodia specialists we concentrate on what we know best – Cambodia.

Love of Cambodia

This competence is driven by our fascination and love for the country and its people and culture. It is this enthusiasm that motivates us to create exciting itineraries and continuously develop unique travel possibilities in every part of the country.

Bespoke travel
Mekong Adventures specialises in personalised, tailor-made itineraries. We are convinced that this form of travel is the best way to experience the real Cambodia, as it not only allows travellers to have many personal experiences and genuine encounters with the local population, but also guarantees flexibility, since the guests dictate the pace and style of travel.

Personal Touch
During our tours you will be accompanied by experienced and highly motivated Cambodian guides and drivers who are keen to share their knowledge and show you less well-known parts and aspects of Cambodia.

Your Travel Wish Is Our Command!
The tours featured on this website are sample itineraries designed to help you put together your individual tour of Cambodia. They can be combined or altered to reflect your preferences, interests and budget. Do you have special travel plans? We will be happy to work with you to arrange a bespoke itinerary, selecting activities and accommodation according to your requirements.

Our Philosophy

Authentic travel experiences
With our tailor-made tours and services we want to enable our guests to discover Cambodia, its people and culture and have as many authentic experiences as possible. We aim to show our guests the real Cambodia, thereby promoting interaction between travellers and local communities.

Quality and best possible services
We build on long-term cooperation with our customers and partners. Their satisfaction and safety as well as the best possible performance of promised services are at the centre of our operations. We strive to accommodate individual needs and requests of our guests, not only when arranging, but also during a tour.

Involvement of local communities
We are convinced that local communities should play a significant role in our operations and tours. In most parts of the country we work closely with local people and organisations, encouraging and creating opportunities for cross-cultural interaction. In addition, we find that their local knowledge and expertise is often invaluable.
By supporting community based business and working with local guides and organisations, we want to contribute to the economic well-being and development of those often disadvantaged communities and include them in our programs where- and whenever possible.
Mekong Adventures is involved and supports a number of sustainable tourism projects.

Responsible tourism
This goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. In all our operations we try to minimise our impact on Cambodia’s cultural and natural heritage and achieve best practice in terms of our environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Social commitment
With our operations we want to contribute to the economic and social development of Cambodia. As part of our social responsibility we are also involved in a number of community and aid projects.