Cambodia at a Glance

The Kingdom of Cambodia is situated on the Indochinese peninsula and shares borders with Thailand to the north and west, Laos to the northeast and Vietnam to the east and has a 440 km coastline in the southeast along the Gulf of Thailand. It occupies an area of 181,000 sq km and has a population of approximately 15 million. Most of the country lies at elevations of less than 100 metres. There are mountain ranges in the southeast and northeast. The highest elevation is Phnom Aural at 1,813 metres. The climate is tropical with monsoon rains from May to October.

Official Name: Kingdom of Cambodia
Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
King: Norodom Sihamoni
Prime Minister: Hun Sen
Area: 181 035 km²
Capital: Phnom Penh (approx. 1,6 million)
Population: approx. 14 million
Population Growth: approx. 2% per year
Per Capita Income: 806 USD
Official Language: Cambodian (Khmer)
State Religion: Theravada-Buddhism
Currency: Riel (1 USD = approx. 4000 Riel)
Climate: Tropical with monsoon rains from May to October
Local Time: CET plus +6 hours
International Dial Code: +855